Isir Residential Apartments

Downtown Tororo has become the new hotspot for the trendsetters looking for upscale, walkable living. The Isir Apartments by Isir properties Ltd offers 20-unit mixed-use modern apartments and these apartments bring much-needed affordable housing as a part of an overall reclamation master plan to update and invigorate the area. The ground floor commercial space along high road lends activity along the street while residential units take advantage of downtown and green space views.

Despite the tightness of the site, spacious units meet today’s living standards and are ‘pulled out’ from the façade to give the units more depth. Efficient systems and a vast use of day lighting through floor-to-ceiling windows lower energy costs and increase rentability.

Inside, luxury features such as granite countertops, center islands, tall ceilings and maple plank flooring match up with large balconies, an unique amenity in downtown Tororo.

Cities around the world are grappling with residential challenges, debating the best ways to house surging and shifting populations in ways that improve communities and quality of life. From luxury condominiums to ground-breaking rental properties to senior housing, Ecotech design high-performing residential buildings that support community, make critical connections to surrounding uses, and offer vibrant and inviting places to live.