Enzotech Wastewater Treatment

This project comprises design and installations of waste water treatment systems ranging from 150 m3 per day and average 6.5 m3 per/hr. by using this amazing technology Ecotech supplied complete water treatment systems.

Ecotech has been appointed by Enzotech to provide installation, supervision and project management services for the project. A team of proficient engineers and scientists specializing in wastewater management designs the plants. With the hustles involved in wastewater treatment, Ecotech has come up with cutting edge solutions for the same technology, space, cost and power have all been factored in.

Water is central to human life and development. Balancing the world’s need for safe, reliable water with protecting this critical natural resource for the future requires a deep understanding of interconnected systems.

Ecotech water professionals work in and across the major markets of drinking water, wastewater, and conveyance to deliver comprehensive solutions that safeguard human health and the environment. Our goal is to do more with less, ensuring that our clients have access to globally sustainable technologies, locally delivered.