Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP)

Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP)

A partnership between Ecotech Ltd and Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH has been appointed by United Nation Human Settlements Program (UN-HABITAT) joint venture to provide Design Review and Supervision of Construction Works under the Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP) in Somaliland an autonomous region of Somalia.

The Hargeisa Urban Water Supply Upgrading Project (HUWSUP) principally funded by the European Union and implemented by UN-Habitat in partnership with Hargeisa Water Agency (HWA) and the Somaliland Water Resources (MoWR). Main Objective of the HUWSUP project is to improve access to safe and affordable water in Hargeisa through the expanded supply of potable water from sustainable water sources.

The (HUWSUP) project comprises the replacement of over 23 km of pipeline from the main wellfield of Geed Deeble, with a new, high-capacity transmission main that will be able to bring more water to Hargeisa. In addition, HUWSUP is building and installing a new pumping station, upgrading the wellfield collector system and extending it to new wellfield area of Hora Haadley. In total, about 40km of new pipelines are being procured and installed. HUWSUP has also drilled 4 new boreholes and is exploring additional new water sources, in order to connect additional, sustainable sources of water to the upgraded pipeline system.

The project is of national importance and is the single largest infrastructure grant from the European Union to assist the Somalia authorities with its key development priorities of water supply rehabilitation and expansion.

At Ecotech, We create sustainable and integrated water systems appropriate to our clients’ geographic conditions. We also offer integrated services for total project delivery, covering everything from initial environmental planning studies to detailed design, construction management and operations and maintenance training.